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Navigating Change w/Empathy & Authority: Thomas von Ahn's Dual Role in Business and Fatherhood | Ep. 3

January 25, 2024 Thomas von Ahn Season 3 Episode 3
Podcast Mark
Navigating Change w/Empathy & Authority: Thomas von Ahn's Dual Role in Business and Fatherhood | Ep. 3
Show Notes

In this episode of "Podcast Mark," guest Thomas von Ahn into the parallels between leadership in business and principles of fatherhood, especially during changing times. Thomas, with his extensive experience in digital marketing and running agencies, shares insights on leadership, employee management, and parenting, drawing parallels between these realms.


  • Leadership and Fatherhood: Thomas discusses how the qualities of a good leader are similar to those of a good parent. He emphasizes the importance of training people (be it employees or children) to be independent but treating them well enough that they maintain a strong, positive relationship with you.
  • Handling Success and Failure: The discussion revolves around how to deal with success and, more importantly, failure, both in a professional environment and at home. Thomas shares personal stories to illustrate how handling failure and success shapes leadership and parenting styles.
  • Empathy in Leadership and Parenting: Thomas talks about the importance of empathy in understanding and supporting employees and children, especially during their challenging phases.
  • Discipline and Structure: The conversation touches upon the importance of discipline and structure in raising children and managing employees, highlighting that people often crave and thrive in structured environments.
  • Adaptability and Open-mindedness: Thomas and Mark discuss the need to adapt to changing times, both in technology and generational values, and how this adaptability is crucial in both business leadership and parenting.
  • Teaching and Learning from the Next Generation: Thomas shares how he learns from his children and employees, especially in areas where he might not be as adept, highlighting the reciprocal nature of learning and teaching in leadership and parenting.
  • Maintaining Relationships: The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of maintaining strong relationships with children and employees, even through failures or when paths diverge.

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